From city lights to starry nights....

Just 40 minutes from Christchurch, Oxford is a favourite destination for Cantabrians keen to take a country ramble and sample the rural serenity that locals enjoy every day. Oxford also hosts travellers from throughout New Zealand and overseas who come for a change of scenery, a change of pace, and for some, a change of lifestyle...

Explore Oxford Village

It’s not hard to while away a lazy hour at the Oxford Farmers Market in Main St between 9am and noon on Sundays. It's time spent productively too, because there are some worthwhile bargains to be snapped up among the healthy selection of local produce on offer.

A visit to town brings the opportunity for a leisurely browse through gift, craft, book and art shops that have a diverse range of goods, some reflecting the artistic creativity that is prevalent in Oxford and the surrounding district. While you are there, you can do more than smell the coffee - you can sit down and drink it too, at outstanding cafe-restaurants such as Cafe 51, The Famous Sheffield Pie Shop Main Street Bakery and Café, Cruisy Days Diner and Black Beech Wine Bar. 

Experience Oxford the Country Way

Oxford is the ideal starting point for bush walks, hunting trips, rafting or skiing adventures, and local fishing guides can show you how to take advantage of the region's excellent angling locations. If your preference is for less-energetic activities, a visit to Ribblesdale Gardens, on the corner of Oxford and Barrack roads, during the height of summer will strike the right chord. If you fancy a swim, then Ashley Gorge Reserve is just the place to go. There is a 45 minute loop track to walk and newly added waterfall track.


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Enjoy Our Local History at the Oxford Museum

Oxford has come a long way since it was first settled in the mid-1800s. In April, 1861, there were only 25 residents on the electoral role, but farming and forestry-related industries boosted the population to 513 eligible voters by 1881.

The Oxford Museum tells the story so much better. So, if you want to learn about the great Oxford fire of January 14,1898, for example, that's the place to go.

Map of Oxford village